Host Identification Has Changed?


I use SSH Secure Shell to connect to Dreamhost for shell and FTP access.

Haven’t used it for a while though, and today, the following alert popped up:


  1. Either the admin has changed it
  2. The SSH protocol has been upgraded from SSH1 to SSH2
  3. SOMEONE COULD BE EAVESDROPPING ON YOU RIGHT NOW (man-in-the-middle attack)!
    It goes on to warn against connecting until you find out why the ID has changed…

Does anyone know it’s OK to connect or not?



I’ve had this happen on occasion myself … the “correct” answer is that the only way you can know for sure if the change is legitimate is to contact DreamHost with a support ticket and ask.

Of course, it is also pretty much the same scenario as when you first connect to a host via SSH … at some point you have to decide whether or not to trust the “host”.



I believe that this happens when a server gets replaced. You might do a search in for your server name to see if it’s been swapped out.



Thanks! I’ll check with DH support.