Host friend's domain

Can I host a domain owned by friend on MY space?

Should be able to, you could set them up as a user and add the domain to their username.

You could either transfer the registration or just change the domain servers to point to dreamhost.

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I do it for some friends

You can also ask them to create their webID, and grant them a few specifics authorisations on some (their) domains, so they can manage things (like email) by them self.

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DH does allow you to share the space with your friends as long as the content is legal.

I hope we understand you correctly that your friend is not a DH customer. If so, you cannot transfer domains between promotional accounts in DH.

To host your friends domain, first point the domain to DH as monkeyboy mentioned. point ns1 to; ns2 to; ns3 to

You can also create a new WebID for your friend and grant some access to your friend.

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thanks to all for replies :slight_smile:

As others have pointed out, you can create a WEBID for your friend and grant that WEBID certain privileges, but you should be aware that this is only necessary if your friend requires access to the web panel.

You may find it sufficient to simply create a new user and add the domain to the hosting system under that user. This way, when your friend logs-in via FTP, he/she will only have access to their own home-directory and domain web-directory, they will not be able to access any files related to your other domains, which will be in your own home directory.


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As he said, although I wouldn’t recommend providing a web id unless you feel comfortable with your friend having full reign of your online account.

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