Host DreamHost Domain Owned by third party?

After some googling and forum searching, I’ve come up empty on this issue. I am hoping that someone can quickly school me.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to add a domain to my hosting here at DH.

I have a client who purchased their domain name (a few weeks ago) through DreamHost, and not directly through the account that I utilize for hosting.

I’m now trying to host this domain for them, but I am getting an error stating that I can’t host it as it is already in the DH system.

Do I need the client to transfer their domain name purchase so that it resides under my overall account at DH? Or, is there another way to have their account just provide DNS for the domain, and allow me to host it under my account?

I would like it so that they client is still in charge of purchasing and renewing the domain name.

Have the customer log into the dreamhost panel and use “Account Privileges” to grant you access to the domain. HINT: give them the same email addresss you use to log in to the panel, they supply that as the first answer.

Once that is done you will be able to access portions of their account via your control panel.

Domain Transfer is not a good option here. for one thing there are issues with transferring a domain within 60 days, for two there are also issues when transferring domains between account where promo codes were used.
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Thank you, LakeRat.

I did read about the issue with the 60 days and the promos, which concerned me - if there wasn’t the option of domain privileges, that you noted above, I was thinking that we would be SOL for the next two months!

Thanks for the reply, and I’ll put this to use and see what happens.
Hmmm, something isn’t adding up.

I logged into the client’s account, and granted myself privileges to the domain, as well as the database, users, and one or two other aspects (they currently not using any of this), but I can’t add the domain to my account.

I have already granted the client a user account under my hosting account, but I can’t create the hosting for their domain and allow that user access.

You can’t add that domain: already in our system”

Do they have hosting? they must if you were able to grant in that many areas. What you should be doing is creating the site on their account.

You are correct that you won’t be able to add their domain on your account. I suppose you can resort to smoke and mirrors and force it using some manual DNS to make it work, but that leaves non-standard methods and things that go break in the night.

Nope, they have no hosting on their account - they have only purchased the domain name, and it is parked with DreamHost.

I was under the impression that I could host this domain, and still allow them to control the billing of the domain.

Hello EthanG84,

Thank you for contacting us for help. It sounds like the issue is that the account that has the domain registration needs to remove the hosting entirely from that account. So you can add that domain to your account and host it there.

Having the domain set to parked, or DNS only is still “technically” a hosted status in the panel. All your client needs to click is the Delete button to the far right of the domain from the Domain Management page. Once that is done, you should be able to add it to your account.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Matt C

This is what was needed! thank you guys for all the help!