Host subdomain?

Hi, is there a way to host a subdomain that i have configured in ? I actually create the ns pointers in afraid to dreamhost dns… It’s the way?


Whose nameservers are you using to manage DreamHost or your other provider?

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I have the domain “” configured with and create a subdomain (in afraid) “” with ns of … Actually my provider only have afraid dns

P.D. In afraid i have “Edit secundaries” with both afraid and dreamhost

Thanks for the help.

Conventional wisdom is that you:

  1. Add “” in the Manage Domains panel of the DreamHost control panel. To initiate this, you have to click on the “Add New Domain / Sub-Domain” link on the panel.
  2. Make sure “” is set to “none” for hosting options. You can do this by clicking on “x delete” in the Web Hosting column of the Manage Domains panel. Note that there are two “x delete” buttons on the panel for each domain. Make sure to click on the right one or you will have to go back to step 1. :slight_smile:
  3. Add the domain “” in the Manage Domains panel.
  4. Refresh the “Manage Domains” panel until you see “” as a domain you can manage.
  5. Click on the “DNS” link for “”. Write down the IP address for the A record for “sub”.
  6. At, add an A record for “sub” and “www.sub” for your “” domain.
  7. Wait for DNS to propagate.

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Thanks a lot… I was missing the option “2” … This will be nice on wiki :slight_smile:

I’m trying to do the same thing. I got my subdomain working, but now my regular domain doesn’t work.

I have registered with godaddy. It’s NS entries are and Here’s what I did.

  1. Added secondary NS on to and for ns2 and ns3.
  2. Made an NS record on for to (not sure if this is correct…)
  3. Tried to add from the DH control panel. It wouldn’t let me.
  4. Added to the nameservers at godaddy.
  5. Added to the DH control panel and removed hosting.
  6. Added to the DH control panel.
  7. Clicked on DNS for and got the IP address for the A record.
  8. Added the A record to the IP for at

Immediately started working and was still working. After a while stopped working but is still working.

I tried removing from godaddy and it’s still in the same situation. Not sure DNS has propagated yet. Should I have removed that, or is that going to break too? Any ideas how I can get working again?

Edit: Now is working. The only thing I changed was removing from godaddy. Now I’m not sure if will be working for much longer.


Using this method, you don’t want to change any NS records.

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