Host A Wordpress Blog For My Members

hello i have a crazy domain insane plan and iam planning to host blog for my members. can i do that? thanks.

of course you can.

To install WordPress, simply log into DH panel and go to Goodies --> One-Click Installs.

The procedure is quite simply. Just follow the instructions and click next, next, and next to install WordPress in your domain.

I suggest you to create a new database for WordPress.

If you have doubt during the process, you can post them here.

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What do you mean by “host a blog for my members”? Is your website going to be a blog that you write or are you going to have user-contributed blogs in addition to other content that you create?

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i want to host blogs for some clubs/org. club/org owners will be the one to contribute contents on the blog. ill just give them place to host.

Yes, you can either do so in subdirectories or subdomains. How many of these do you anticipate setting up? If it’s only a few, you can do what Patrick suggests and set them up individually. If you’re going to have a lot of them, you might think about installing one of the multi-user installations of WordPress like The Lyceum Project or WordPress Mu.

Two cautionary notes:

  1. With lots of plugins, WordPress can be demanding on server resources. This is multiplied by having multiple blogs.
  2. As the account holder, you will be held responsible for the performance and content on the blogs hosted under your account. You will have to make sure the blogs are efficient enough to run under a shared hosting environment and you will have to make sure that people you give access to make sure that only legal content is hosted. Remember, it’s your account that will get canceled if other people violate the Terms of Service. Be careful so you don’t get burned!

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thank you so much.