Horrible performance using custom WP template on Dreamhost

We launched a new site 8 weeks ago and continue to have performance issues on Dreamhost. Moreover we continue to test our site in tandem with another site that uses the exact same custom WP template evidently with another host and consistently it outperforms ours. Further, our site gets less than 50-100 users a day…its not exactly a high traffic site.

We have implemented caching, eliminated plugins, updated plugins…essentially everything Dreamhost’s support has suggested. We have also continued to receive uneven support from dreamhost - we’ve gotten different conflicting suggestions, we have been offered links upon links of Wiki articles to figure it it for ourselves, and they don’t seem to want to ever want to admit that the problem may sometimes be downtime on their end. Is anyone experiencing similar issues? We are at our wits end. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

As always, it’s almost impossible to add anything highly useful to such a generic query. What kind of performance issues are you having, and how do you know that you are having them? What tests are you running? What is contained in your user logs?

Possibly because that isn’t the problem. As Ipstenu has pointed out, “every server is a snowflake”: i.e., every server is unique. Perhaps there is a simple setting on your DH site that is not properly set. It may be something terribly obvious (that happens—sometimes I just forget to release the parking brake) or something buried deep in a php.ini file. Needless to say, no, we are not experiencing ongoing performance issues, but since you didn’t indicate what your specific issue is, we are comparing apples to unknown, invisible objects.

I’m not quite sure how “different conflicting suggestions” is “uneven support”. I bet your doctor or your auto mechanic tries out different strategies as well. This is typically how problems are resolved—by trying something until you find something that works, and not just for webhosting, but for most fields that I can think of. You start with the easiest, most obvious thing, and work toward those things that are more difficult to implement or obscure.

I wish I could offer you some specific advice, because I host several sites with DreamHost and they all run well. But you haven’t given us much to go on, even a link to your site. You seem to have tried some of the standard debugging techniques (disabling plugins, etc.); I have outlined a few more here that you may want to try.