Horrible, HORRIBLE, web service


I have had a couple of Dreamhost accounts for a few months now, and what a disaster. Speeds on both accounts have been TERRIBLE. Slowest SQL servers on the planet? Quite possibly slow. I’m pretty much done with them now that due to their server problems I can’t even open my site.

Fortunately there are TONS of alternatives out there. I’m getting awesome speeds on a different host, for $5/month, which is better than 1 of my Dreamhost accounts. Even the other one, at $9 a year, is not worth it.

Dreamhost customer service has been pretty decent in responding in a timely manner. But that doesn’t mean jack when their equipment is so poorly setup and managed. Like I said, ANYTHING running off MySQL and PHP have been slow from day one, BEFORE the “Blingy” cluster started having problems.

Too bad really, because I like their control panel options, very easy to use.


Clearly Dreamhost is running itself into the ground. I suggest they hire someone who knows how to manage techs and produce results, rather than trumpet their laidbackk enviroment while things fall apart. As soon as I can get access to my site I’m gone with my refund and I’m going to make it a priority of mine to communicate to as many people as I can about the poor quality of dh.


Bye then!

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Jesus, is the staff infantile as well? What a bunch of jokers.


I am not staff. I’m a customer just like you, although I’ve been hosted here for a few years now.

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Has your site been offline for a week?


re: scjesseytotal: Yeah, and you’re obviously a tool. Winner.


R u the same guy posting the youtube links on the status page? Must be. Don’t u have work to do or something. Maybe a few situps to get rid of that gut.


cbfhuy, do you have something to actually contribute to a discussion?

My sites have been hosted with DreamHost for years, and there have been very few problems considering the uptime (there isn’t 100% uptime, flawless at that, with any host) and excellent service I’ve received. It doesn’t hurt to ask more than one customer what he thinks of a host, as experiences will vary.

Done troll-feeding now.



I posted a rickroll on there once, if that is what you mean. No, I’ve got nothing specific I need to be doing. Oh, and it’ll take a whole load of sit-ups to get rid of this gut.

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Ha, once! Yeah, it’s been posted incessantly with disparaging remarks made to those who are complaining, as customers have the right to do. Don’t take it personally, you’re not even an employee.


Well then it cannot be me then. I only posted it once.

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Actually, none of my sites has been offline at all. Neither have my sister’s nor my wife’s sites been down for the whole week.

My wife is in the Blingy cluster and her site has been really slow at times - enough so that I’ve been considering having her complain strenuously to get a bit of a service credit for this downtime.

There’s a large swath of people who haven’t been affected by the Blingy cluster, thank goodness.

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BTW, I know you’re not the instigator of the private conversation, Simon, but would you two please take it to PM?

Thanks! (and let me know if you think I’m being too harsh or self-centered)

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Last time I looked at the status blog comments, it seemed there were a LOT of folks rickrolling around those pages … I think there might be more than one, or two, doing that! :wink:



I liked the /b/s, that was funny, although the incessant copy/pasta was annoying as Hell 'cause you had to scroll down to read the next piece of posting complaint/flame/whine/advert/troll/wisdom. Truly epic stuff.

Just wish I wasn’t on Blingy lmao.

ps. 1000 GET :wink:

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Which Dreamhost are you talking about?

The one here on Planet Earth is one of the biggest hosts in the world and isn’t going anywhere.

Hmm… that’s odd, the purple line on this chart keeps going up while everyone is supposedly leaving and Dreamhost is falling apart.

Oh no! That’ll show’em!

I’m glad I don’t have a life where that could make it on to the priority list.

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Don’t u have work to do or something?

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Ooh! If he’s a spanner wrench, I could really use him around the house.



Hey, look at the replies! No surprises in there. Customers complaining, Dreamhost shills defending.

Fortunately I was able to cancel my big account before the 97 day refund window. I’ll ride out the $9/year account and use them as cheap online storage.

FYI, my site came back online after the “Blingy excuse for not knowing how to run servers” incident. I’ve reloaded my basic zenphoto installation (a few dozen images). The freaking pages take 30+ seconds to load AND not every thumbnail will display!

What a joke. I’m hosting the exact same site with Host Gator, and my page loads are nearly instantaneous.

Sure Dreamhost will be around for a while, there will always be fools like me who sign up for their service. However, one of the sites I tried to host was a research project. I’ll be presenting on that topic at 2 national conferences this year and Dreamhost will surely be on my agenda!