Horrible Customer Service

Thinking I would try to move away from 1and1 and try out Dreamhost for a new client for a Wordpress installation. The initial setup seemed straight forward,I chose the domain I wanted filled out my registrar info then proceeded to follow through with the Dreampress Wordpress installation on the domain. Well after the 2nd day and multiple confirmation emails that service was installed I was still not able to reach the admin page to start my work. I see the domain in managed domains, and I see the invoice for $36 dollars that states it is for the domain and cost of hosting. Additionally database usernames and passwords were created for the domain all prior to me re-registering the domain.

When I reached out to support they told me the site was not registered, when I explained to the support tech the situation and pasted in text from the invoice she proceeded to tell me I was not charged for that service and she does not see what I am seeing, she then proceeded again to tell me to re-register it. Which I will most likely be charged over for. So I did, but the total lack of help or input from support seemed like a bot was returning the answer. She just kept sending me the link to register the domain, which I already did and already paid for. Its strange Dreamhost system would go ahead and issue FTP accounts for a domain that is not registered. They additionally supplied the FTP address with the domain I originally registered.

Sadly your lack of support contact through phone is really quite a joke. I don’t want to wait for your schedule to get a support call back, and your chat support reps need a lesson in customer support and maybe more tools to assist customers. Definitely will be going back to 1and1 on future customer sites. Dreamhost’s support structure is definitely not oriented for support for business sites or the sites developers. I do not have a limit on callbacks from any other hosting company I have dealt with and I am sure not going to purchase more chances to get callbacks. I additionally have never dealt with a hosting company that does not allow customers to contact by phone. Especially when you only have one chat support rep that you get over and over, how are you ever able to escalate something past that support rep if the support rep is not helpful?

Totally like the idea of the one click installs but this was not worth the hassle. Will most likely not be a returning customers.