Anyone here using Horde, www.horde.org. I get an error about gettext not being installed.


gettext should be installed on all of our hosting machines in /usr/bin.

Which machine are you on?


frigga, looks like it needs to be selected at PHP compile time. The test page yields.

Horde will not run without gettext support. Compile php --with-gettext before continuing.

We’re most likely not going to add this to the version of PHP compiled into Apache. It’s possible that we might be able to add gettext support in the next build of php-cgi, but it may be a good idea to simply compile PHP yourself and run it as a CGI.

Sorry that we don’t have a better solution for you at the present time.

I am trying to compile my own php now but am running into a little trouble. I followed the directions at https://panel.dreamhost.com/kbase/index.cgi?area=2538&keyword=php compile but I keep getting an internal server error when I try and run a simple script. It seems to run fine at the command line. the error log mentions premature end of script. Any ideas?

So whatever happened with this?

I, too, would like to install the Horde Application Framework along with IMP, Gollem, Hermes, and maybe a few other horde projects.

Will this work with DreamHost?