Horde to Squirrelmail



Hi, i am in the process of moving a client from another webhost. They have been using Horde and now I need to convert them over to Squirrelmail. Does anyone know which formats I need to convert her address book to for easy import?

The address book formats I can export in are…

  1. comma separated values
  2. tab separated
  3. vCard


I have not tried this but under Squirrelmails addresses page is the import section. You browse for your CSV file and can select your options for the CSV file from drop down menus.

The max file size is 10KB (I suppose you could split the file if it were larger)

Input character set…all the usual ones.

Field delimiter: (can be) ’ , " ; or a custom delimiter

Text delimiter: (can be) the same as for field delimiter


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