Horde 3.1.3

I went to the wiki and followed the horde instructions. However it wouldn’t install. I’m going to try again and post the errors. My question is has anyone gotten Horde to install? Better yet, have you gotten it to install at webmail.yourdomain.com? I emailed support and they said to follow the wiki. However, I’m realizing that the instructions on the wiki is for installing horde to yourdomain.com/horde and not webmail.yourdomain.com.

I’m not a fan of squirrelmail and would rather have Horde as my webmail interface. Thanks to anyone who can help out.

I think DH supports only Horde 3.0.9 so far. Have you seen this article in wiki? http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Horde

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Yeah I’ve seen the wiki article. I tried 3.0.9 to see if it’s a version support problem. Same errors on the config test.

The errors on the required PEAR modules. which i installed and even reinstalled via --force.

The config test page keeps returning errors on the mail_mime and log modules.

even if I do manage to get it working, there’s the problem of making it run in place of squirrelmail.

Installing Horde will require recompiling your PHP4 or PHP5 installation with the IMAP extension and some PEAR modules.

I’m not familiar with Horde. But do you need to install some modules to support Horde? If so, you may need to customize the PHP.

If you are not getting right answer from us (customers), you may want to try to send a ticket to DH for professional answers :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve just tried with the latest version of Horde. Everything installs correctly but the DH version of PHP does not have IMAP compiled in.

If I can get round to it, I’ll try recompiling PHP accordingly.


Julian Knight