HootSuite and Dreamhost hosted WordPress

My website and blog are currently Dreamhost hosted WordPress. That has worked fine for me EXCEPT: I use HootSuite to schedule my messages ahead of time. It pushes the messages to Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn but will not push to WordPress when it is hosted independently 0 only when hosted directly by WordPress.
I really need to have them all together so my questions are:

  1. Is there another provider other than HootSuite that DOES push to Dreamhost hosted WordPress blogs as well as Facebook, Twitter, and linkedIn?
  2. Do I have to take my WordPress completely OUT of Dreamhost site to make it work?
    THX, Linda

Hello Linda Kimura!

I do believe Sprout Social offers what you are looking for regarding WordPress.
Found an interesting blog regarding Sprout Social vs. Hootsuite: http://www.vodori.com/blog/the-battle-of-social-media-tools-hootsuite-vs-sprout-social.html also from my research I do see that Sprout Social has a WP plugin. Hopefully this answer helps to point you in the right direction. There is also a plugin called Jetpack which you can control your facebook and twitter, I don’t know about LinkedIN though. This is an excellent question!

Dee J.
DreamHost Staff.

THX Dee - I read the article. Very informative. But the biggie for me as a sole proprietor is the huge difference in price so I won’t be changing to Sprout :frowning:
So back to my second question.
If I go with WordPress not being fully hosted by DreamHost, what does that do to my DreamHost?

I am determined to link up my blog with my FB and TW and LIn because currently I don’t bother to write on my blog because I can’t do it on HootSuite with all the others. (or can you convince HootSuite to support DreamHost-hosted WordPress? :slight_smile:


I am not sure if I am correctly understanding your second question
so please bear with me. If you install the plugin “Jetpack” to your WordPress
you will be able to link up your WP blogs that are fully hosted through us, twitter, and facebook.
I am looking through the plugins and have not had much luck finding one that includes LinkedIN.
I’m definitely going to keep an eye out incase something pops up! There has to be something, if not I’m
sure someone is thinking up of the next best plugin :wink: If I find more info I will be updating this post.
I would contact WP or Hootsuite support as well, who knows maybe Hootsuite has a “secret menu”.

Heres a link regarding Jetpack: http://dreamhost.com/dreamscape/2011/03/09/jetpack-just-flew-in-to-dreamhost-and-boy-are-its-thrusters-tired/


Dee J.
DreamHost Staff