Homepage redirects to RSS feed - help!

So mysteriously my site homepage (www.troublesometots.com) is automatically redirecting to feed.troublesometots.com. I’m not super technical but read some articles about people hacking your .htaccess file and doing funky redirects (although why would somebody want my site to redirect to my own RSS feed?) so I checked my .htaccess file and all seems well there.

I’m confused about why this is happening - any thoughts or suggestions would be really welcome!

clicking the link i see a webpage, so i guess u got this figured out :wink:

Actually I don’t know if I did. Grasping at straws I added a Feedburner plugin and…mysteriously…everything seems OK now.

this one: http://flagrantdisregard.com/feedburner/

However I’m not sure why this made a difference? I’ve been using feedburner (without a plugin) for months without this happening. I haven’t been doing anything on my website for days. So I’m perplexed as a) I don’t know what happened or b) why this seems to have fixed it.

ps. Again - thanks so much for your sage advice :slight_smile: