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Hello there, I have already FTPed all of my files for my website. However, the only problem is that I want the following file to be the page the opens when you type the URL:


How would I make this my index page? I tried to redirect, but got an error message stating that I cannot redirect to the same URL.


Just rename that file to index.html, and it should work fine. There is more information about this on the DreamHost wiki:




An index page is to allow someone to access your domain or a directory of your domain without having to type the file name.
The index file is normally named index.html or other extention(such as htm, php, pl)
If you want someone to type in the filename of the webpage then no redirecting is necessary.

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Well, the easiest thing would be to rename it index.html. Alternately, you could set “Directory Index main7_v8.html” in your .htaccess.

Obviously, I would recommend the former, as renaming the file is just a little bit easier and makes it a little bit more obvious what is going on to the casual site developer.

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Renaming to index.html is fine so long as no page within your site specifically links back main7_v8.html

If you have pages with links to main7_v8.html you’ll need to edit them to reflect the name change.

Copying main7_v8.html and renaming the copy to index.html might be a better option.


2 copies of same file would save some work but downside is that it will probably incur google ‘duplicate penalty’ - something you want to avoid especially for homepage.


Yeah, that’s a good point, and who knows how her flash app works “inside” :slight_smile: