Homepage comes back blank... is it down?

Today when I visited my page, it doesn’t seem to load at all and it just comes back as a blank screen:

At first I thought it was temporarily down, but when I tried to go to another part of the site that wasn’t the homepage (ie: http://www.mikisatoillustration.com/about.html ) it seems to be working fine…

I was changing around parts of the html/css/javascript code last night, so maybe I messed up something there? But it worked completely fine after the edits when I checked.
(I also tried changing back all the files to the original code this morning to see if it made a difference… it didn’t)

I guess I was hoping to see if anyone knew what was going on (if it really is just down, or if I did something horribly wrong last night)
and if it sends a blank screen for everyone else, and not just me and the other computer I checked on…

I guess it was something I did last night
I changed it back to all the original code again, and now it’s working…

Shame, though… the edits were something that made the site flow better :confused: