Home Page

When I originally uploaded my website, my homepage was home.html. I’ve since learned that I should name my homepage index.html. I’ve uploaded index.html. and deleted home.htm. How do I redirect my web address to the index.html? Where do I find the setting for where my website opens?

I think dreamhost should help with this process.

I created a file named .htacess. Within the file I wrote instructions for my home page to be index.html. I used a ftp server to upload this file to my root directory at dreamhost.

I disagree. This is basic webmaster stuff.

FWIW, Dreamhost does have these pages on the wiki which are very helpful:

Web browsers tend to open index.html as the primary file, so even if you had home.html and index.html in the web directory, index.html should take precedence. Whilst it would be great if a web host provided such support, the cost would be steep - so a little bit of trial and error and using web search engines, asking in forums, etc., is required.

Some further reading: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Htaccess_tricks and https://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-119627.html

I’m obviously not a webmaster. There should be a web page, wiki.dreamhost.com/home_page. I had no idea what htaccess was until yesterday afternoon.