Home Page/Root Directory

I’ve recently deleted the file that my website had as it’s home page/root directory. I now want my home page/root directory to be index.html. My website address does not go there, instead I get:
Index of /
A list of my files is given, including index.html

What should I do?


If I loaded my website again, would it be like starting over, or would it just replace existing files?

I think if you would say what your website url is (or perhaps a screenshot of what you see), you would have gotten a response by now. Show us and then we can give you our opinion.

Do you have .htaccess file?
Read: http://www.thesitewizard.com/apache/prevent-directory-listing-htaccess.shtml
If you have an index.html it should load by default

hmm .htaccess could override what page is shown first though, didn’t think of that. try deleting it :slight_smile: (be sure you have a backup of it though…)