Home Page Not Updating!



For some reason, the home page on my website aint updating.

The RSS feed is updating: http://www.vanndigital.com/portfolio_category/channels/feed/

The Taxonomy page is updating: http://www.vanndigital.com/portfolio_category/channels

But the home page aint updating for some reason: http://www.vanndigital.com/

Any help with this issue will be appreciated.


Of course right now it all matches and “Radio: The @HipHopDigest Show: The Calm AFTER The Storm” is the latest post.

Next time it happens, try pressing the ‘Flush Cache’ button on your toolbar and see if that works?


Yea so I seen there was a cache file holding my homepage hostage. So I was able to find it & smooth everything out from there.


Awesome! Leftover cache files from W3TC and WP Super Cache (when moving to DreamPress) can be the death of me. We TRY to clear it out, but oy.