Home page help!


i been trying all day to change my home page to my own i change dns to dream(use to be godaddy)
i made a template
renamed it index.html (uplloaded with ftp)
yet it still come up with dream hosting site
website www.dcsoffice.ca

id love some help here


Looks like nothing is uploaded in your domain folder. That is where you need to upload your files.



should be http://DOMAIN.CA

When i navigate to http://www.dcsoffice.ca the URL is showing http://www.dcsoffice.ca/index.html/ (note the trailing /) without being able to see what you have on the server that tells me you have somehow created a directory named index.html You must remove that directory, and make index.html a file.


ok so page is showing up now but images are not i have images folder with all images Dcsoffice.ca/images but they will not show up maybe the code is wrong

and why dont my template fill the page? still white on the right side in dreamweaver it shows me the page is full -_-

thanks for the help with my last problem. can you help with this one?
i done hosting befor but first time on dreamhosting -_-


If your images folder is in the root directory, i.e. “http://yourdomain/images/” as you say, then all you need to do is remove the two dots your image tag:

change this

to this

The two dots tell the browser to look for images in the directory one level up from the current one. The slash alone tells the browser to go straight to the root directory.