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I have installed a blog and the forum software on my site under subfolders. For example www.pnwimages.com/blog is the blog.

I would now like to install Joomla and use it as my Home page. When I try to install it and I leave the box after my domain name (/) blank, it won’t install because it says the directory is not empty.

How do I install it and have Joomla be the home page?

The requirement that the “target” directory be empty is a nuance of DH’s “one-click” install. If you install Joomla from the tarball, you will not have this issue.

Bear in mind, that you will need to make sure that you do not overwrite any existing folders when you untar the tarball, or you will break your other applications.

Joomla is easy to install from the tarball using the shell. The process (short version) goes like this:

  1. If necessary, create a database to use for Joomla from the Goodies, MySQL options of the webpanel. You may want to use an exisiting MySQL database being used by your blog/forum (during the Joomla install, you can set a “prefix” to be used for the Joomla tables to avoid conflicts with other applications sharing the database) in which case you will not need to create a new database and can skip this step.

  2. Place a copy of the Joomla tarball in the base directory of your space using wget or FTP.

  3. Untar the tarball

  4. Navigate with your browser to your space… An installation routine will run, and you will need to enter the MySQL hostname, database name, user, password, and a “prefix” for your Joomla tables (Very important if ou are using an existing database!)

  5. follow the Joomla installation screens’ instructions and you are good to go!

Good Luck!


Well, I placed a .htaccess file with a 301 redirect to /joombla and it works. My only concern is whether that will mess up search engine PR.