Home directory getting filled with index.html?

After the spacey problems on the 14th, the home directory of my user started filling with 0 byte sized index.html files (index.html, index.html.1, index.html.2, etc.). There’s about 20 new of them every day.
Anyone noticed this, um, problem?

If your positive that no one else has your account info and you didn’t do it yourself, then I would send in a support ticket letting them know about it and change all your passwords just in case.

My website

I’m positive that no one knows my password, but even if they did, why would they just use it to make pointless index.html files that are even outside of DocumentRoot? :stuck_out_tongue:
Weird stuff, but yeah, I’ll send a ticket to DH.

You haven’t setup any cron jobs that call wget do you? Because I think wget will by default use that naming scheme if the file already exists when it goes to save content to disk.

:cool: openvein.org -//-

Yup, that was it. I forgot to redirect the output from wget to /dev/null, heh.