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hello folks , i have talked with support , im having a very big problem

im new with u anda i have several webs and i have tryed lots of

[quote]hostings (im from argentina) and consider that yours is the best.

however im currently having a very big problem and its necessary for
me to solve this because my client wants to kill me

the problem is that i have done one flash website, which is being
tested in


as you will be able to see the first swf doesnt loads

but i know the website is constructed correctly because before you i
used mesi.com.ar hosting in which my website functions perfectly.

as you can see in


the site functions

and there are the same files, just uploaded in another host

i have seen thar maybe the problem is that

in mesi hosting i dont have a user dir where the root is situated
and in tour host i have one.

maybe im wrong but in that hosting i had lot of support , not as much
as here, but ive never used your support so i hope you can answer me.

its very important for me you to answer me,

hoping you do it
juan from argentina


i was wondering is somenone can help me,
is there a way to enter directly to the root but no clickin in your user dir?



It loads for me. Both do, in fact. I’m using the latest version of Safari. I clicked on a link, but it brought up a blank window.

I’m having difficulty understanding your writing about the root dir.

The directory structure here is /home/USERNAME/argentinoz.com
If you FTP, it will look like /argentinoz.com

I use SSH to log in, upload files, and make changes. SSH (or telnet) will show you the actual directory structure.



Both flash files load correctly here too, using Firefox under WinXP. Some of the menu items point to non-existent files, but I guess that is a separate issue.


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