Hobbled Hoggle

Poor ugly little Hoggle…

When we met him, he seemed so eager to help… But soon, we learned how deceptive and unreliable he could be. He was never there when he was needed… impeding progress, serving as a tool of evil.

But in the end, and with a little help from his friends, Hoggle understood the mission he must perform, and became the true, reliable friend he’d always had the potential of becoming.

Question: The above is an analysis of:

a) The Jim Henson movie "Labyrinth"
b) A mail server at Dream Host
c) Both a. and b.

(.evoba eht fo thob ,.c si rewsna ehT)


Thanks for tweaking and upgrading that mail server, DH folks. It’s been a serious pain recently, but it looks like it’s settled down and humming along well, at least for now. And best of luck in the coming upgrades!

Bless you!