Hmmm sub domains

In my Billing, then Services area, when I see how much space I’m using, it also says I am using 0 out of 1 subdomains…

Does this mean I have a subdomain I can use?
I’m a bit confused as to what this is refering to.

Raven Oak

Another thing…
I have a full domain and then I added a second one for the $4.95 a month.
On my full domain, I have 60 meg since I paid for a year in advance. Under the same areas as above, it says my full domain has used 27.something meg out of 60.
When I click to see my added domain, it says I have used 0 out of 20.
I have stuff on the second domain. ??
0 out of 20? Umm… So where is it storing the stuff? At the full domain’s space?
Does this mean I really have 80 meg total between the two domains?
I’m a bit confused as to how much space I really have and I guess, how to access the 0 out fo 20 meg part since I thought I already was…

Raven Oak

hi raven… I wish I can help, I’m a new user and a bit confused myself. I had a question about sub domains too, hope you dont mind that I post it here :slight_smile:

Well, I dont know how to set up subdomains. I have the plan where it includes 5 subdomains. In control panel under the domain tab it says “add domain or subdomain” Is that where I click to get it set up or is that just if you want to add another subdomain on top of what I am already allotted. I dont want to be charged anything extra.

Im using FTP to upload my pages, do I created my subdomains there??

thank you,

Hi Shel,
Try this, I hope it helps.

  1. Log into to the webpanel.
  2. Click on the “Domains” tab.
  3. Click on the “Add Domain” sub-tab (tab underneath “Domains”)
  4. Read the instructions under ADD A SUB-DOMAIN that will be listed below. Simplified, to add a sub-domain type in subdomain is the name of your sub-domain you wish to make. domain is the name of your .com address, or .org, etc.

Hope that helps!

What Monk said…

And if you add a subdomain, DH will create a directory in the account’s space called …Or, you can create that directory before you create the subdomain.

Have fun…


Hi, ravenoake…

If I’m not mistaken, space is allocated on a per-service basis, not per-domain. Space usage is displayed on a per-service and per-user basis. When you create a domain, it’s created under a certain user, and that user is created under a certain service.

Under the Billing: Services tab in the Control Panel, you’ll see something like this under the details for any particular service, like Code Warrior: “MB of Storage Space - 43.852 out of 150.”

To see which user is using what proportion of space, look at Users: Users: and you’ll see something like: “username - shell - machinename - /home/username - /bin/bash - 0.617/150.000 MB”

In other words, storage is spread out over the entire service, and how you allocate space to your users and their domains is up to you.

I think.


Bob, thank you thank you!! :slight_smile: your reply helped immensely!

shelly ~

thank you Monk!!

I followed your instructions and it helped me :slight_smile:
thank you!!!


I was asking only because the admin area makes it look like I have 80 meg, 20 for (the added domain) and 60 for (the full domain).
I am confused as to which logic is correct.

Raven Oak

Hi Raven Oak,

The One year of CDI gives you 60MB, and the 1 year of extra domain gives you 20MB more, coming to a total of 80MB. The thing is, usage is actually tied to USER accounts, not domains (it is the sum of the sizes of all files owned by your user, no matter what directory they are in. The directory they are in is all that determines what domain the files are “on”.).

If you go to the users tab, users sub-tab, you can see that your one user has an 80MB quota. the 60 from cdi plus the 20 from the extra domain. I hope that clears it all up!

Ahh! Thanks!

What’s funny is it says I have used 0 of 80 Meg.
But under the (dull domain) I have used 27.something out of 60.
Oh well.
Raven Oak