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Okay, so I told my bf I’d ask so here goes.
I run a registry for a charity where I list events happening around the country by state. It has gotten to be a royal pain in the ass and I know that using SQL to write a pseudo-database would make it a world easier. Instead of me having to spend entire weekends updating, the hosts of the events could add their events and update themsevles, with me overlooking it.

Now, my bf is a computer programmer but hasn’t really used SQL before. What are some good websites, tutorials, books, etc. that he could use (somewhat cheaply please) to write what I need? Can he find it all online or what?



MySQL has a pretty good manual online at their site:

MySQL, by Paul Dubois, would be a good choice if you want to buy a book.


Any of the following should be pretty good (can you tell that I like O’Reilly books?):

The first one assumes that you’re programming in PHP, the second covers both MySQL and mSQL, and the third is MySQL only. If he wants a generalized MySQL-oriented book, that one might be the best.

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thanks. :slight_smile:


No problem. Wish him good luck!

(…and if he runs into trouble, he should post his question to Tech Support or here, so someone can help!)


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