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I have a Foxfire (Mac) generated sitemap which is a HTML file. Google will not accept this as a sitemap, not right format. Evidentally they want a HML file. HML is not a file type choice on Firefox Export (of Bookmarks folder). How do I create a sitemap that is acceptable to Google?

I have looked at Google’s Sitemap Generator (too complicated).



The site map for Google is really xml. Parts of the script can be removed. For example searching directories can be removed. Once the script runs, check over the xml file with a text editor and remove anything that should not be in the google directory.
This xml file seams to worrk better if placed in the top directory of your website that is viewable with a browser.

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There are many applications available that will automatically generate the XML sitemap file for you. The link below should turn up a few…


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If you can’t find any software for the Mac to generate a sitemap, you can always try one of the many online sitemap generators found on Google

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In my previous post I completely missed the fact that you are running a Mac, sorry about that.

The link I provided probably won’t be much help in finding a Mac application to create your sitemap. However, the link below might turn up a suitable application…|osx&x=0&y=0


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I am on my way now, thanks to you all pointing me in the right direction. I ended up with SiteBuilder XML, bowser-based so that it matters not if you are on a Mac or a PC. It does XML, RSS, HTML and Text, as well as static and dynamic. All for $19.95.



Correction: That is SiteMap XML.