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Greetings from the Friendly North,

I have noticed that DreamHost’s current prices vary depending on how long a contract a new customer selects when signing up. The terms range from one month up to 10 years.

Will someone please tell me what the historical trends have been with regards to web hosting prices.

I have some past experience using HTML to create web pages for an educational institution’s intranet, but there was never any cost involved. There was no wait for search engines to find my new pages either, as nearly everyone in the building usually saw my web pages within hours of them being posted. As some of the teachers would say, I had a captive audience.

Now I am considering stepping up to the big time of publishing a website on the internet. I have spent a lot of time lately researching web hosting companies, learning some new vocabulary, and trying to compare packages. Considering my current skill level, needs and aspirations, DreamHost appears to be a good choice, but I am perplexed by its pricing scheme.

I have no idea if some of the longer term contracts being offered by DreamHost are really a bargain or not, because I have no idea what the historical trend has been with regards to web hosting prices on the internet.

I am also wondering whether a web hosting package that includes far more features than I currently know how to use is going to leave me feeling locked into a contract for a restrictive, obsolete package a few years from now. And if so, how soon?

Does it really take search engines such as Google and Yahoo up to two years to find and list a new website, as it says somewhere on Google’s website? (I know it took both Google and Yahoo that long to find my former school’s web site, but we were more surprised that they found it, then we ever were about the wait.) If it is going to take search engines that long to find and list my website then maybe I should be planning to keep my website posted on the internet for a number of years before looking at the visitor statistics and deciding whether there is enough interest in my website to justify continuing to pay the web hosting fee.

Thank you for considering my questions.



Prices have gone down a bit over the years (at the low end for personal web hosting), but what’s mostly happened is that features/space/bandwidth have gone way up for the same $6-$15 price.

One thing to remember is that Dreamhost has remained competitive with hosting plans to new customers. What’s great is that they allow current customers to trade into a new plan while getting “credit” for the value of the remainder of their old plan. And they use the normal, rational, pro-rated method of calculating this value.

I’m not really sure what that two-year delay really means. Do you have a reference to it? Certainly if you don’t explicitly submit your site for listing by the search engines, it can take a while for your site to get listed from being crawled to via links from other sites that link to yours. OTOH, you can just submit your site for listing and it’ll get listed almost immediately. You might get a high search engine ranking, but you’ll be listed immediately.

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You should be fine here.

Just want to add some tips. As Lensman mentioned, you can get your site listed immediately. What you should concern is the ranking of your site.

To get your site listed in search engine, the easiest way is to submit your site to those search engines. Here are some links.

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Dreamhost has one of the best packages out there right now. Even though you may be paying for things you will not ever need, or things you might not even know anything about, DH is the best.

They have excellent service and handle problems very well. I doubt you’ll ever need 500 GB storage, or 1.5 TB of site transfer. Check out competitor Total Choice Hosting, which offers 1.5 GB storage and 70 GB bandwidth for about the same price as DH paying yearly. Also note that DH will bump up your allotments by 2 GB storage and 40 GB transfer every week.

But still, the thing that drew me in was the fact that using the right coupon code, I can get $50 off as well as 4 free domains… for life. That’s worth about $40 per year.

Another thing to look at is the referral system, you can earn up to $97 per person you refer to DH, and the system is 2-Tier as well (meaning you benefit from your referral’s referrals).

It’s a good host, with competitive pricing.


I would like to say thank you to everyone for your responses. I appreciate it.



You’re very welcome. We like helping polite folks like you!

Let us know if you need any more help and such!

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