Hire more support staff

I’ve had tickets in the support page now for 2 hours and no response. Your system has requested me to open a ticket cause the chat doesn’t seem to work so I did and now I’m in limbo waiting to use what I paid for.

Hello djdubuque,

Thank you for contacting us for help!

Our Live Chat support is available 5am til 10pm PDT and we strive to answer all tickets with in our 24 hour guarantee. If you can supply a support ticket# or domain name on the account we can look into the status.

Matt C

There in lies the problem “5am til 10pm PDT” I’m 9.5 hours ahead of PDT.

I’m sorry that the live chat hours are incompatible with your timezone. Unfortunately timezones are not compressible… I hear your pain. When I’m not in US, meetings become very complicated. I also realize that many things can be done asynchronously over email if I write detailed messages but that’s more work on my part :frowning:

If you filed a ticket and got a # we can nudge our colleagues to prioritize your ticket. Or, if you feel like your request has no sensitive information, you can share your problem here where there are more people awake at different times and have lots of knowledge anyway.

On your guy’s home page it LITERALLY SAYS 24/7 support! this is soul crushing. heart breaking! i signed up tonight under the impression that i could work with you guys through the night to get my site live and going. I NEED HELP! and i fell for a freaking marketing ploy with a mix of fake news words :frowning: </3

I’m sorry you found issues that required you to contact support so quickly and so early in your journey with us. What happened? You shouldn’t need to contact support only to setup your site :frowning:

DreamHost’s main form of support is email and it is offered 24/7. All our support technicians are employees, we don’t outsource support and that’s what allows to get recognized for having the best support in the industry. This also means that we cannot provide 24/7 live chat support without increasing considerably the competitive prices of the products we offer. We offer also phone support via callback, for an additional fee.

We also offer a lot of documentation that will help you go through the most common hurdles you may find when setting up your new site: please have a look at https://help.dreamhost.com/ and see if your issues have an explanation already.

Also, this forum is a useful resource that complements the support channels: more often than not, you can ask questions here and find competent answers from other customers in different timezones.

You definitely need more CS staff.

The last email ticket I submitted took 3 days for a response and the reply had nothing to do with what I asked so I had to do it all over again.

CS failure is what ruins a company. Your customers are responsible for your sucess. Ignore them and you’ll surely ruin.

Sorry your question took longer than you expected to be answered @keyplyr. You may have noticed that in the past few days DreamHost has been in the news, plus there have been a few technical incidents. All of that generated a higher volume of tickets than usual. I realize it’s unfortunate for some customers but also a hard problem to solve: one can’t hire people based on peak demand.

In order to keep good customer support, the support team gives precedence to tickets that prevent customers sites from being operational. Issues that are non-blocking are addressed after the tickets with higher priority. I think your ticket was addressed after the unusually high queue of blocked sites and other higher-priority tickets.

We are well aware of the importance of customer support: there’s a reason why we keep on getting recognized by PC Magazine for best support in the industry (https://www.pcmag.com/article/354814/business-choice-awards-2017-web-hosting).

FWIW I’ve had tickets sit over 12 hours for initial responses I think DH could do better on support response times.

The Support team tries to answer tickets within 24 hours, although there are some tickets that take longer to be addressed. If live chat is available and your request is urgent, I suggest you to jump on live chat.

My support ticket is now 5 + days. No response.
Waited on chat for 40 minutes to see what status the ticket is at.
Clearly the support system needs improvement.

That is strange, sorry this is happening. The Support team tries hard to not exceed 24h to respond to tickets. What’s the nature of the struggle? Maybe we can help from the forum, if you open a new thread with details about your issues.