Higher Plan = Better Server?


I was curious if you upgrade to a higher plan if you get put onto a server with less other customers. One of my plans got its connections capped, and I want to know if I upgrade if the cap can be taken off? Otherwise, it’s almost unusable.

No, all of Shared hosting is the same. Unless it’s an advertized limit on the plan comparsion page, it’s gonna be the same regardless of which plan you’re on. You may need to look into dedicated hosting (which dreamhost isn’t offering at the moment - see the dedicated page)

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You won’t get a better server with a higher plan, but you do get some perks.

The Telephone callback support has been a godsend for me more than once. The Crazy Domain Insane! doesn’t include any callbacks and you get progressively more per month with each level of service.

As others have stated, I believe all DreamHost plans are considered equal as far as server allocation is concerned. The only differences are those shown on the DreamHost plan comparison page.

I would be interested in learning what exactly caused your plan to be ‘capped’. DreamHost recently removed their CPU resource limitations, so I thought such situations were a thing of the past.


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