High-profile customers...for Hotel web site?


Does anyone happen to know any high-profile clients / customers using DreamHost.

The reason I ask is that I’m in the process of developing a web site for a Hotel here in Scotland and just need to find any other customers who were happy with DreamHost or any other company for that matter before registering.

We only really need PHP, MySQL, 2Gb size, 10Gb data transfer.



There is no real difference with high profile.

DH will works well with 2GB HD/10GB bandwith

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The question you should ask yourself is, “Will this client notice/care if the Web site is occasionally unavailable for 10 minutes? An hour? Half a day?” Every client has their own threshold; you have to make sure that the client threshold is longer than the routine downtimes you’ll see at Dreamhost.

At Dreamhost you get what you pay for in terms of availability. They don’t accept phone calls, and it can take hours, often days, for them to resolve support tickets. I’m not even complaining – you get what you pay for. But this means I have spent many hours just sitting around with my fingers crossed hoping DH will eventually get around to putting a client’s site back up.

To recap: If the client is really important, it’s probably worth the extra money to use a host with better support and less downtime (you don’t have any “special needs” as far as I can tell). If, on the other hand, the client is not sensitive to downtime, then maybe DH is fine.

I think he wants some other DH clients to show the Hotel managers that it’s a trustworthy webhoster.
I don’t have a list of “known” sites hosting with DH, but if you make a search for DreamHost you’ll see some people raving about them. You just have to double check the whois for that domain to see if it’s hosted here or not :slight_smile:

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There is a good list of quality sites hosted on dreamhost in the wiki, all winners of the DHSOTM contest.

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Maxrockatansky makes a very good point - in evaluating your clients’ needs there are other there are “needs” other than bandwidth, storage and availability of tools, and one of those could be timeliness of support and/or phone support.

Dreamhost has the bandwidth, storage, and tools (and the price) but depending upon how “needy” your client is likely to be you might well have to include phone support as being critical…


Another translation -

Are you willing to take calls from your client about the site being up when you have no power over it coming back up? It could be 15 minutes. It could be an hour. It could even be a couple of days. Can you handle the calls?

A way to handle this might be to provide them two quotes:

  1. Inexpensive with some chance of downtime and generally not quick response.
  2. Expensive with a more guaranteed response time.

In reality we know that just because response times are in writing doesn’t mean that it really works out that way. But if they have cash and want fuzzies, give them #2. If you want inexpensive but generally reliable and safe hosting go with #1 (it’s obviously dreamhost).