High 5 review engine

Has anyone tried installing this software (see http://designmind.co.uk) on a Dreamhost domain? I have it running at http://agreview.bmoffitt.com, but it’s not working properly. Thought I’d check and see if anyone had any experience with it.

Can you describe which bits aren’t working properly?

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Well, I confess I haven’t disassembled the scripts very thoroughly, but the MySQL queries that populate some key fields are returning nulls instead of the appropriate lists. For example, if you go to the main page at http://agreview.bmoffitt.com/, one can see three “categories” exist on the left: Tractors, Test category, and Binkle. If you select “Binkle” from that list, it will tell you there are no reviews for Binkle, and a link invites you to enter a review. If you hit that link, a javascript “window” appears for entering the review. All is well down to question 3, in which you are asked to select a Primary and Secondary Category, and both columns are blank.

There is similar behavior if you try to edit a user profile.

Looks like some sort of unsupported MySQL interface is being used, but I don’t know enought about PHP and MySQL to successfully diagnose it.

Yes, I see what you mean. It’s as if the form isn’t getting the necessary data from the database to enable frontend review creation. My first thought was bad javascript, but the frontend user panel appears to work and that would indicate the backend should as well.

I’ll install it later to see if there’s a specific switch you need to check during installation.

— Edit:

No I won’t lol - they want 65 pooooond sterling for it.

I’d be inclined to rerun the installation process and hope that it was just a glitch during installation that caused your apparent issue.

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Yes, sorry about that. I have re-installed it twice to get to this point. I’m trying to get the vendor to help me out with this, but he is having problems.

It’s a cool script, worth the money if (1) you need it and (2) it works.

We’ll see how this works out…



Yes that number (2) is quite the biggie.

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