Hiding info about domain owner



Recently I’ve registered my own domain in .com zone. I’d like to hide some detail information such address, e-mail,… How can I do it?


Does the site offer free WHOIS protection? If not, you may have to purchase some.


If you registered the domain with Dreamhost I don’t believe it is possible to make the details private, short of deleting the owners details, whether this is allowed or not is another thing.

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While it’s certainly not a “best practice,” there’s nothing to keep you from using fake registrant info. Your registrar may reserve the right to cancel your domain if you do so, but it’s at least a free option (as opposed to paying for invisible domain info fees).


There are lots of bad things that could happen to you if you use fake registration info, such as the domain being hijacked by somebody else without you having any recourse because it was never legally owned in your name; or it could be taken from you if somebody alleges trademark violation, without you even getting a chance to present your side of the dispute because you’re not legally the owner.

– Dan


I’d follow Dan’s advice and not fake the info. Nothing good can come of that.

If you want some privacy, PO boxes are cheap, so you can hide your home address by using one of those.

DH doesn’t offer WHOIS protection if it’s hosted here, but you can transfer a domain to a place that does and still host it here. The downside is that if it’s your free domain, it will no longer be free.

I use Namecheap.com when I want WHOIS Guard, since it’s free the first year and cheap to renew ($2.88 I believe).

If you go with Namecheap, try using this coupon code when you sign up, which should lower the $8.88 registration to $7.99: EVENLOWER

I just used it about a week ago on a .com and it was still active. If it expired, just google “namecheap coupon code” and you should be able to find one. I know that the one that was something like SAVE7993 just expired, so skip that if it still comes up in searches.

Quick note, since promo codes are a hot topic around here suddenly: The Namecheap coupon codes are something they put out. There is no referral fee for me or anyone else that uses them.

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