Hiding index pages

My site (domain.com) has an index file in it which stops users from being able to see all files I have within that directory. I have a directory called images (domain.com/images). How do I stop users from being able to see all the contents of that directory without having to add a blank index file into it - are there any permissions I can change anywhere? Thanks in advance, Will

I don’t think there’s a robust way of doing it that way, but you can always convince yourself that the best way to handle this is a redirect/rewrite to the domain root.

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is this with the .htaccess file? and is there a way of using the .htaccess file to rewrite everything which is not found and send it to the root?


Options -Indexesto an .htaccess file will generate 403 (Forbidden) errors instead of the generated file listings in the current directory and all subdirectories.

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