Hiding Email in Source Code -Form to Email

My client is getting a lot of spam and they think it cause the email is shown in the source code. What are your thoughts? HELP! thanks in advance - here is the source code. ( I changed the actual email)

You can ‘mung’ the characters with numerical equivalents - check http://www.lookuptables.com/
E.g. the lower case letter ‘a’ may be represented by ‘and#97;’ (replace the ‘and’ with symbol - unable to format this properly here).

A better solution is not to use any permanent address on the form but to use a disposable address with mail then being forwarded to recipient. Change the disposable address on a regular basis.


Why not use a php solution that holds the email address inside the php source, this way it’s not viewable from the source code, submitting forms with spam will still give your client spam emails tough, happens a lot, captcha may help but it may also scare viable emails away.

Thank so much for the info - I think the first part will work with setting up some Rules.

thanks guys!!! you rock!

Easy also is to just remove @companyname.com from the address and add it inside your form mailer. Then the bots won’t recognize it as an address.

Dreamhost’s formmail automatically adds "@yourdomain.com" to any valid email user id, as long as the form is hosted on “yourdomain.com”. So if your form is on, say, “my.com/contactme.html," and your email address is "me@my.com”, just put “me” in the recipient field, and you will receive the form results.