Hiding a URL


I have my website hosted with DreamHost (www.mysite.com)
I sell photos at (mysite.exposuremanager.com)


When users want to buy photos they click a link that goes to (gallery.mysite.com) even though they’re really at (mysite.exposuremanager.com)

Do I add a sub-domain, change the C name, do both?


Unless exposuremanager.com well handle a CNAME request from here, you’ll have to Cloak, which is a sloppy workaround, as it just puts exposuremanager.com in a frame with your URL.


Exposuremanager.com does handle a Cname request, however I don’t know what to do on the Dreamhost side. I’d like to create a subdomain (gallery.mysite.com) that exposuremanager.com can link to but I’m unsure how to proceed.

Cool, then just a cname. Here’s a brief tutorial on CNAME:


I guess I haven’t been clear, or maybe I don’t understand.

I want to create a sub domain (gallery.mysite.com). I then want to change the CName for that sub domain to:

Is that possible. If so, how do I do it?

Creating a subdomain means it’s hosted here. Creating a CNAME means it’s hosted elsewhere. You will have to add that CNAME to the DNS records for mysite.com in the Panel.


I think OP wants to cloak the URL so customers don’t realise they’ve been redirected offsite. There is no good way to do this, basically because it’s a bad idea. You could include the DH subbie within the main domain using iframes.

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