Hidden Directory inside /home/?


Hopefully this is the last thing I will post about for a while, the only thing I can think of that I need to understand!

When I set up a new domain, it gets put in the /home/username/whatever directory, but when a PHP script is running on the site, it reports its location as /home/.somethingelse/username/whatever

What is this hidden .somethingelse directory, what is it for, why does it not appear when setting up a domain, and which one is the real path to my files (ie, ones I should use in scripts & the like)?

Chris, the “.something” is a “dataglob”. Dreamhost uses this to “group” directories for ease of management.

You can find out more about them, and their use, on the wiki, or in several posts on this forum…just search for dataglob.

The main thing is, they are “transparent” for your purposes (home/yourusername symlinks to them), so you should not use them in your programming, or your script configurations - just use your normal /home/username path. That way, if the “dataglob” changes with a Dreamhost re-configuration, your script will not break.

Some scripts will report the path including the “dataglob”, as they read the environment/server variables.


edit: A couple of useful links:

Dreamhost Honcho Dallas on dataglobs
Dreamhost wiki article on dataglobs

or, search the forums/wiki for more…

Thanks for that - I did have a hunt around the wiki, but didn’t know what to call it so didn’t really find anything!