Hi. Yep...another newbie

I just joined DreamHost tonight. And…I’m lost. It was recommended as the preferred site for uploading music for my myspace profile but I see it’s much more than that here. And not to say I can’t eventually use other services since I am a musician and want to display my own music in the future…but for now how do I even upload a file like a mp3? lol…As time goes by I’ll learn…

Hi, and welcome to DreamHost. :slight_smile:

Hosting your own content can seem daunting at first, especially if you aren’t familiar with all the terms used, but rest assured that things will become easier with time, as you become familiar with the way things are done.

I assume that when you signed-up you registered a ‘free’ domain name and that you have received the email notifying you that the domain registration has gone through correctly.

Firstly, it will take some time before your domain name is reachable (consistently) using a web browser. This is due to the DNS information for your domain having to ‘propagate’ across the Internet. The time required for this does vary, but can take up to 72 hours.

The easiest way to upload files is to use the DreamHost supplied web-based FTP client. You can log-in to this FTP client using the link below;


After logging-in, you should see your ‘home directory’, which will contain a number of sub-directories. There should be a sub-directory with the same name as the domain name you registered (ie: yourdomain.com), this is the ‘web-directory’ for your domain and it is here that you need to upload any files that are to be publicly accessible.

Once you have uploaded your files, you can link to them from your myspace profile using a link like http://www.yourdomain.com/somefile.mp3

Of-course, you can create sub-directories within this ‘web-directory’ and upload your files there instead, perhaps to keep things organised.

Note: The web-based FTP client does limit any files you upload to around 7MB, if your files are larger than this you will need to use a ‘real’ FTP client instead of the web-based one.

Good luck.


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If you do need a normal FTP client I would recommend:

Both are free and very easy to use. If you have any other questions feel free to ask here and we’ll be glad to help.

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Hey, after you get your feet wet and become comfortable uploading your content and web pages, check out the XSPF Music Player at http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/. It allows you to throw all your mp3s into a folder and then copy/paste a small code snipped into your web page / myspace / blog which will put a winamp-style music player on that page where all the songs that you put into your mp3 folder will show up in a playlist and visitors can listen to them.


What an excellent utility.

Thanks for posting the link Patrick. :slight_smile:


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Hi. I downloaded SmartFTP. Of course I’m winging a bit trying to learn what to do. Initially it connected on rootbeer, well, rootbeer.dreamhost.com - colorblue. I uploaded a file, and then it dsconnected and I haven’t been able to connect again yet. Maybe I’m trying too soon…maybe not set up yet. I plan to try all these things when I get things going lol…I’m glad to see such help here though. Thank you. Was hoping to get connected again since I was learning how to use the local browser. Guess I’ll try the dreamhost FTP until then and maybe work on seeing if I can set up my mail and look over the forums some.

That’s is strange, if you were able to connect once, you should be able to connect again using the same credentials.

Once your domains DNS information has propagated fully, you will be able to connect directly to ftp.yourdomain.com, instead of using the DreamHost server hostname (rootbeer.)

Remember, once you log-in via FTP, using either SmartFTP or the web-based client, you will initially be in your home directory. Anything you upload directly to this directory will not be publicly accessible. If you wish for your upload to be publicly accessible, you will need to upload the file to the web-directory for your domain, which by default will have the same name as the domain itself.

It is a pretty steep learning curve, but if you take things slowly and ask plenty of questions when you run into something you don’t understand, you will do fine.

The DreamHost panel can seem daunting at first, due to the large amount of functionality provided, most of which you will probably never need, but it’s nice to know it’s available, just in case. :wink:

One panel area that you may find interesting is the ‘One-Click Install’ page (Goodies -> One-Click Installs). This page provides for the easy installation of many pre-made scripts, such as WordPress, Gallery 2, phpbb etc.

Anyway, good luck and have fun exploring. :slight_smile:


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Looks like you ran into some really bad luck…just as you were learning your way around FTP, this happened.

I’m sure they will get it fixed soon; I just didn’t want you to think you had done anything wrong when your FTP stopped working. :wink:

It looks like you are on the right path!


that is bad luck indeed, sir!
the good news is that this kind of stuff usually doesn’t happen, and these FTP and HTTP basics are super easy to learn and intuitive for the most part (save for, perhaps, mod_rewrite, hehe). If you get stuck on anything, pretty much anyone on the forums can probably help you!


Everything is fine now. Not sure what happened…seemed to be a problem for a while with the port. I have a McAfee Firewall and virus program provided by our ISP Comcast. I made sure the port for FTP is open. But I’ve been admittedly having problems on the machine with some applications saying they need to “shut down” and the McAfee Security center has been one, I.E. 7 another, and Windows explorer. I redownloaded both McAfee and I.E. 7. Funny thing is this is a new computer. At some point, after being told there was a problem with the port, it stopped being a problem. Still not sure why. I was able to get in under my domain and upload some files. I haven’t been concerned about files being visable at this time since I’m just learning FTP and want Mp3s for now for my flash player. I will be more interested later on as I learn… But wow am I impressed with the help given. Thank you. Oh and sorry for the long post…

Whoo hoo! Learning fast…set up my mail with Outlook Express…working…created two subdirectories…this is fun and challenging. Let me say what brought me here. Several people creating skins and layouts etc. for myspace seem to refer Dreamhost as the premium site for hosting. I tried first filehut (free) and then Fileden (pay for 5 gb space). Since the weekend Fileden has been nothing but blank pages for upload and files. And no response from them as to why. It started with blank uploads, sort of “phantom”…showing like they were uploading, but then were 0 mb. after upload. Then blank pages clicking on their links. And the upload blanks were not the first time. I decided to try DreamHost, and cannot believe this lol…I believe I’ve entered into something that will take me where I want to go as I learn what is probably old hat to many of you. Is fun so far.

I can’t speak for others, but I learn something new about hosting almost every day, much of it from these forums. It sounds like you are progressing well, learning things at your own pace and, best of all, it sounds like you are having fun doing it! :slight_smile:

About all I can suggest is that you keep doing what you are doing. Play around with a few things, make a few mistakes, learn from them, ask a few questions, all the while learning and progressing.

Good luck and keep having fun, you’ll learn more that way! :slight_smile:


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Yeah. And thanks. After tomorrow I’ll have some time off from work and really be able to play around some. So far just setting up to replace files on myspace. I really am obsessed with music. It’s my real love and passion in life.
Also nice to know there’s always something to learn…with the internet always in flux.