Hi New Member Questions


I have just signed up with the basic VPS and was wondering what bad good experiences people have had.
I have been using cpanel for ages but my host support was dreadfull.

I have read a few reports on dreamhost and they did look bad and a few good but i have decided to give them a chance. I do a wee bit of web design and hosting.

Thanks for any advice.


All hosts are going to have good and bad reviews, just like everything else :slight_smile: I know people who hate my insurance agency, where as I love them. It’s very much a personal fit with a webhost, and defining your own needs is paramount to a good experience.

I’m glad you gave us a chance, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :smiley:


I started up a VPS a month or so ago, and I am extremely pleased so far.

Having a VPS gives me flexibility far above that of shared hosting, and the price is quite reasonable. I’ve always wanted a VPS, but I never dreamed I’d be able to afford one.

One thing to keep in mind: You’ll be bewildered for a while, trying out various options on your control panel. You’ll create a new FTP user, say, and after you click the button, you’ll get a cheery “done!” message, and you might shout at your computer, “No, we’re NOT done! How do you log in? What’s the password?” Never fear, within about a minute you’ll get email from Dreamhost with all the details you’re worried about. That’s the one thing I had to realize before I could begin to relax.

I’ve dealt with hosting companies that were okay, some that were not all that great… and some that were incredibly, colossally abysmal. Dreamhost is not perfect, but it is the best I’ve dealt with so far.

I’m a long time UNIX guy, so a green text screen and a Linux command line interface gives me warm fuzzies. Your mileage may vary.

I’m still prowling around my control panel, opening up menus and exclaiming “Holy crap! I can do THAT? Awesome!” The best thing of all is that my VPS is FAST. I have it on the lowest memory setting (I may bump that up someday, but not just yet), and it’s 10x faster than my last webhost.

I have a complicated, homebrew PHP website, so it took me around 2 weeks to get it ready, mostly refactoring the code to make it more efficient and removing a lot of crazy code I used to get around bugs at the old host.

My website users are ecstatic with the new site and the performance, and I’m pretty excited about what I can do in the future.