Hi, need some help in dreamhost VPS

Hi friends,
Firstly, I don’t know if I can ask this question here or not, so I am sorry if I have asked in wrong area. I am looking for answers for some of my questions

  1. Well, I am presently having a shared web hosting service on dreamhost, I am planning to migrate to VPS from September 20, but I think the price of hosting per month is high; is there any chance that I get the hosting service for a lesser cost [more than 20% discount] as I am a student [presently pursuing Engineering III year from an Indian college].

  2. Will there be more attractive promotions by September of this year?

  3. Will I get remote access if I take VPS hosting service in dreamhost ?

  4. My website is http://thegeekworld.com, can someone suggest how much RAM is required for my site ?

  5. May I host ebooks [files] or audio songs in my site ?

Advance thanks for your replies !!

Well, this is primarily a customer-to-customer forum. So if you’re looking for advice from other customers on what might be possible or whether you’re being reasonable, you’ve come to the right place. (though you have posted on a board reserved for prospective customers to post questions to existing customers)

I’ve never heard of Dreamhost giving a student discount. I wouldn’t hold out much hope here, but you could always contact support for a definitive answer.

I don’t think Dreamhost has ever offered promotions to existing customers, though I guess the current PS rates are marketed as a promotion.

What do you mean by “remote access”? You don’t get VPN to your server for free, and we can all already SSH to our servers.

This is probably something that you should submit to support, though I’m sure there will be some who can take some guesses. You’re running vbulleting, so the answer probably depends a lot on your traffic. I see from your counter at the bottom that the it’s relatively inactive. Is that true?

Oh, and more concernedly, you might consider very carefully whether you’re fully compliant with Dreamhost’s ToS with regard to copyrighted content.

We can host any type of content we want, as long as it’s within the Terms of Service, which includes the fact that our distribution of and linking to content must comply with the laws of the State of California and the United States.

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