Hi guy,i have a question,please help me!


I have a VPN that I use personally (and I know that they are becoming more and more commonly used) but I now can’t view my site if I have my VPN enabled.
This is not a huge deal for me. But my site is a portfolio site and when people with VPN’s try to access my site there is no information about why they cant access it, it just looks down. So I could lose potential clients or just appear unprofessional.
I there a way for me to edit this new setting?


Have you looked at your access log for any error messages?


Hi @mikemikeee

Our Abuse team blocks abusive IP’s after a predefined threshold. It is more than likely that the IP you or other users are using through your VPN provider are blocked on our end. If you can submit your IP via ticket to our team, they can unblock it.

Tickets can be submitted by heading to Panel > Support > Contact Support:


Select a topic from the drop down and then click “Submit Ticket”

I hope this helps!

Thank you,
Lauren V.