Hi do you have ftp

hi i want to buy with dreamhost i have heard nothing but good things !!! i was wondering if you have ftp to upload webpages thanks if you can help kimberly

yes there is a web ftp client,
as well as a regular ftp server for your own ftp client :wink:
(and sftp for secure file transfer).

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You can also use rsync, which is what I’ve started doing.

If you’ve got windows, you might have to do a little work and get cygwin installed. But if you have Mac OS X or Linux or another Unixlike system, you may already have the components installed.

And if you’re interested in trying out a product that I’ve been considering and telling me how good it is, you can try SftpDrive, a product for Windows that lets you mount a remote sftp directory as a drive on your Windows machine. If you’re using a Windows machine, this could make your experience even more seamless.

I haven’t used it yet myself, but I’ve been meaning to try it out!

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You’ll definitely want to reconsider using the FTP protocol for uploads. There have been a raft of compromised FTP passwords on many sites allowing them to be taken over.

Please consider using an SFTP/SCP client instead.

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