Hi all, very pleased

Hi Folks, I’m new here, I simply wanted to say something positive about my hosting.
I’ve been monitoring my sites for a while with 24x7 and I’m getting 99.8% availability at 15 min intervals with an average 2 sec load time and I’m in the UK. Fantastic.
No I don’t work for the company :0)

Anyway, greets to all.

which tools do you use to monitor, and from where ('cause if it’s from your home, your cable/dsl downtime also count) ?

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Hi, itchysox (I have that problem too)

I’m delighted that your experience with DreamHost has, thus far, been as good as mine. I’ve been here since 2004 and can report that you should be able to expect things to remain this way.

I’m ex-UK myself - came to the US in 2001 after living in Surrey and London for most of my life.

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Hi :slight_smile:

It’s refreshing to see a positive post. Generally, people only seek out these forums when they are experiencing a problem and we rarely hear from the vast majority, for whom things are running smoothly.

Anyway, welcome to DreamHost and I trust you will continue to enjoy your time here. :wink:


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OK, more positive feedback. I’ve been here about a month now, and, except for some relatively minor glitches that were addressed early on by customer support, things have worked out quite well for my five sites.

I also notice that the site designed to flame DreamHost is apparently offline. I guess they found a life :slight_smile:


Gene Steinberg
Co-Host, The Paracast

Well, thanks All. I’m using site24x7.com. The sites are all Joomla-based. I’ve got a fair range of data now from sites hosted with other companies as well as DH and the results are very similar; hmm, I’d say an identical average. I’ve incorporated the site24x7 iframe output into the admin cpanel by making a new module, so I get a nifty tabbed display of the current weeks results.

I’m in W. Wales, way out in the woods (“Stay away from the fog…!”). I’m getting about 3Mbps on a MAX connection. That’s a fairly low speed I guess, but the copper around here is ancient. DH isn’t bad though in spite of all the hops.


Heh :slight_smile:

A little gem I’ve discovered by trawling around is:


This together with an ftp cron for Joomlacloner is now providing me with weekly site backups accessible from my desktop. Admin heaven… :wink:

:slight_smile: Dig in… I don’t do affiliation personally (see below). Hmm, mind u… :wink:

:slight_smile: Nice! :slight_smile: Neither do I, but “different strokes, for different folks”. YMMV, etc.


When drivers are available I may be tempted to jump, until then… I’ve got some great photos of the pock-marked walls in the Ubuntu forums :slight_smile:

the apple support forums, but they are sanitised by the admins there. :slight_smile:

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Just wanna continue with the topic. I’m pleased. Just finished a presentation today. :wink:

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I’m pleased too… They offer great prices for great service and look forward to promoting the services when I’m done with this programming project I’m working on.

Three Cheers to DreamHost!

Hip Hip…

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