Hi All! Few Questions


Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

Found dreamhost after doing some searching, and im really thinking of joining but have a few questions…

  1. Can you host arcade/games/videos sites on dreamhost? (not adult, just funny stuff)

  2. Can the php upload limit be changed. My last host had it set to 2mb, but they changed it for me to 10mb – will dreamhost do the same?

  3. I’ve read somewhere that CPU usage can be a problem with dreamhost, has anyone had any trouble with this- and an example of the users/forum size/site that caused it.

  4. I’ve read the post above that uptime is about 90% – but is it in little downtimes (5/10min here and there), or long downtime (hour+/day+).

  5. Would you say the speed is good? (Any links to your sites to check them would be great :wink: ) this is for the Level 1 shared account.

And Last Question… :slight_smile:

  1. I want to buy the “Two-Year Pre-Payment” option ($7.95 pm) == would i still be able to use the SAVEFIFTY promo???

Thanks very much for looking everyone! Please answer even if you only know 1 of the questions.

Kind Regards.

  1. As long as you comply with the law (including copyright law), you should be able to put up any of those things.

  2. The upload limit can only be changed if you compile your own copy of PHP.

  3. CPU usage is only a problem for certain power users, or for users who are using scripts that are not properly optimized. I have not personally encountered any such problems, but more information can be found on the DreamHost wiki that you may find helpful.

  4. I have found uptime to be far better than 90% (closer to 99% for me). Any downtime I have experienced has usually been in the order of minutes, rather than hours. Things like email and FTP access tend to go down more often than the actual web service.

  5. I have found the speed to be excellent. You can try either of the sites in my signature - jessey.net is highly database-dependent, if you need a DB example.

  6. I don’t know about codes from other people - if you are uncertain, you are welcome to use my own code of [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY[/color] as a last resort - it will give you a 50% discount on any plan you choose. I must warn you; however, that it will mean that I get a kickback if you sign up, rather than the individual who originally referred you (if any).

Simon Jessey
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Cheers man, thanks for your fast reply!

The savefifty was just a promo i found while searching this board.

Thanks again.


To add to what Simon has already told you…

Adult games would be OK too, just as long as they are legal.

You may not need to do anything. I think the PHP upload limit is set to 7MB, but as Simon says, you can compile your own PHP if you need more.

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FYI, DH installed PHP defaults to 7mb max upload.


Thanks very much guys for all your help!

I’ve tried to sign up, but they will only except a credit card - which i dont have :frowning:

Only a debit card, or a paypal account.

I’ll have to find a family member who will pay for me. :wink:

Thanks again.



Dreamhost do accept PayPal, but not if you are using a promo code to obtain a discount, which I feel is a little odd.

I recommend you find that family member, the promo code discounts are too big to ignore. :slight_smile:

Pay just [color=#CC0000]$22.40[/color] for 1 year Dreamhost hosting, use promo-code [color=#CC0000]MOJO97[/color]
Save [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] on all yearly plans!! (Max saving on monthly plans too!!)


If you want to do a speed test you can use:

*note that speed differs per server and time of day

Use “THECIPHER” for a $97 discount


I have a few questions along the same line, I dont think it’d make sense to create a whole new post.

  1. The upload limit you’re talking about, is this in regards to email attachments? If not, what are the limits for email attachments?

  2. How come some people have coupons for $50 and others for $97?

  3. The cost for a unique IP address is $3.95 per month?

  4. Does Dreamhost run any sort of anti-virus on their email?

  5. What about spam control?

I’m investigation these things because my company is considering finding new hosting. Thanks.

  1. The limit refers to the amount you can upload on a PHP form.

  2. When a customers signs up with a plan, the person who referred that customer (or the owner of the promo code the customer used) gets a kick back from DreamHost. The amount varies from plan to plan, with the maximum being $97. For example, my promo code of [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY[/color] offers a 50% discount on any plan, regardless of what it is.

  3. Yes. Most don’t need a unique IP address.

  4. No. Anti-virus software is not used, but you can use your own.

  5. You can optionally include SpamAssassin on your domain if you wish.

Simon Jessey
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Hi Simon, thanks for the quick reply. Just a few clarifications:

  1. If I’m using email via Outlook or some other program with POP/SMTP, what would be the file size limit for attachments? Any idea?

  2. Spam Assassin is something I’d have to download and set up myself on my domain, or something that DH does at an extra cost?

  1. If you are using Outlook, and incoming or outgoing email will be rejected if an attachment exceeds 40 megabytes (see wiki article). The attachment limit for Webmail is the same as the PHP upload limit (7 megabytes).

  2. SpamAssassin is free to use. You can enable it from the web panel, and then configure it by logging-in to your webmail. It isn’t the most user-friendly thing I’ve ever seen, but itsure does a good job of catching spam. Once activated, it works across ALL the email addresses in your domain - you cannot enable it on a per address basis.

Simon Jessey
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Thanks, you’ve been very helpful.


Damn, another one lost :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I think this is a perfect example of how the promo code system does actually work, despite what the critics say.

Simon was on the spot, helped the fellow out with his queries and consequently received the reward for his efforts, and rightly so in my opinion.

Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into (yet) another for/against discussion of promo codes, I was just making an observation.


PS: For those wondering what I am waffling on about, the SAVEFIFTY promo code is actually one of mine. I stopped promoting it recently for reasons I won’t go into here, but it is still active.

Save [color=#CC0000]$50[/color] on DreamHost hosting using promo code [color=#CC0000]SAVEMONEY[/color] ( Click for promo code details )


Except that I didn’t receive anything in the end, either because someone else did, or because the promo code system wasn’t working at the time.

Simon Jessey
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Which is why the promo code system has changed the entire referral landscape for the worst. I’m being forced into offering a promo code because I’ve lost virtually all of my legitimate referral revenue. It no longer matters that I make an effort to attract new customers to DreamHost by promoting their service (example), because the promo code system has eliminated all hope of gaining by it.

And now this discussion forum has become little more than an advertising hoarding for promo codes.

Anyway, can someone explain to me the point of giving a $97 discount? Is it the faint hope of a secondary referral?

Simon Jessey
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Kind-Hearted altruism? An attempt to make the referral system less attractive to those who fling their promo codes all over the net (no, Simon, I’m not directing that at you!)?

Who can really know why someone would pass the money they could earn to another as a discount, but certianly one of the possible reasons is that some people just like to do kind and sharing things.



Very clever, Bob. I said that in August last year - before promo codes came along and screwed everything up. Nice research.

[quote]> it will give you a 50% discount on any plan you choose.

Isn’t that false advertising?[/quote]
Not intentionally. The plan gives 50% of my kickback to the customer, but I didn’t do the rest of the math properly. I’ve corrected it in my signature. Thank you for spotting my error.

I am if I want to try and recover my lost revenue.

The worst thing about these promotional codes is that it has created a divisive competition between DreamHosters trying to grab referrals from each other. Unfortunately, I see no way for DreamHost to undo what it has done - banning promo codes or referrals from this forum would be impossible, because they would still exist in existing posts.

Simon Jessey
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Save up to $49 with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY[/color]


You really do like your research, don’t you? At the time I posted on the DreamHost blog, I didn’t know anything about promo codes. There were mere days between the announcement and my comment, and I rarely read the full text of the newsletter.

Fixed. But you are right, it was none of your business.

I beg your pardon? I’m just as prolific as you on this discussion forum (although my referral ID is nowhere near as prolific, of course). Also, I have worked hard on the DH Wiki, with several hundred contributions. I’ve also worked hard to promote DreamHost beyond this domain. On that basis, I believe I have earned my revenue, such as it is.

It amazes me how much “work” you put in to try and attack me, Bob.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog
Save up to $49 with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY[/color]


I can’t help but wonder if Ardco walked you into this for the entertainment value. :wink: In any case, thank you for whining–it sends what would be your referrals to the rest of us.

Says who? Dreamhost seems to disagree with your opinion, since they RECOMMEND using promo codes instead of referral links. Not that DH’s opinion would outweigh yours, since you post here and contribute to the wiki, which makes you really really really important. They, on the other hand, only own this place and have 100% say in how things are done.

I really don’t remember hearing DH complain about the increased sales. Did I miss that part? I also don’t remember the customers complaining about the huge savings. So far, it looks like promo codes were a brilliant idea.

A river of tears from a few whiny babies that can’t handle competition doesn’t make it a bad thing. I’ve yet to hear a single intelligent argument against promo codes. And by intelligent argument, I don’t mean stuff like, “Boo hoo, I have to go back to flipping burgers because someone derailed the gravy train.”

Forced? Nope. You’re given the same choice as everyone else. Adapt or fail. Welcome to planet Earth.

Were you also forced to go with a $49 promo code in a forum full of $50 and higher codes, or did you do that on purpose so that you’d have something else to cry about?

I use promo codes, as DH recommends, but I still get sign-ups with my referral links – so I’m not really sure what it is that you’re doing wrong. My guess is that what you put a higher value on your opinion than it’s actually worth, so your readers tune you out as they use someone else’s promo code. Naaaa… that would make too much sense, it must be the promo code’s fault!

So, you don’t actually recommend Dreamhost services? You just pretend to because you’re getting $97 to say you do?

I’m not sure I see the point of your example link. That page is about 5 minutes of work, assuming you type slow, or even consider that work. I don’t see anything there that’s an amazing deal for $97, let alone $97 per click. Now, if you threw in a nice little promo code, then it would actually offer something to the reader.

I’ve paid for several years of hosting with one month of promo code use. That tells me there aren’t income problems related to promo codes. The problem is with you.

Drop the dishonesty and just admit that you can’t deal with competition. You know damn well it was the same exact thing with referral links, so quit trying to trick people into thinking there’s actually a problem here, with hopes that you can go back to milking the full $97 out of everyone.

The biggest difference between now and then is that DH benefits from increased sales and the customers benefit from huge discounts. That’s what matters–not the fact that you can’t clean up on referrals in a place where others are willing to share.

If you’re going to say stuff that pathetic, then it’s nice to see you losing referrals. You don’t deserve them.

Plus, I’m sure when the few people that do sign up through your referral links end up here, they’ll be impressed to see you whining about how we would have taken much better care of them than you can. Good job!

And we all know that you would have chosen a referral link over a $97 discount when you signed up, right? Naaaaaa… of course not.

Explain the point of DH giving you $97 to recommend someone. Typing a link isn’t $97 worth of work. How about sharing, is that a good reason?

Some of us actually recommend DH as a WEBHOSTING COMPANY–not as a source of income. You did know that DH offered webhosting services along with their referral business, right?

If bringing a referral link to a promo code fight seems like a good idea to you, here’s an idea for some extra income you can try out:

Build a Ma & Pa grocery store next to a Super Wal-Mart and sell loaves of bread for $5 each. Those dummies at Wal-Mart are actually throwing them away for ~$1! Who would sell a loaf of bread that cheap when others are charging $5??? You’ll crush poor ol’ Wal-Mart with your brilliant pricing strategies and excellent understanding of volume and competition.

If you have a problem with us giving away the $97 that is ours to give away, then I have a problem with DH giving anyone $97. They could drop the referral fee, put the money into improving things for us, and they’d still get referrals from those of us that actually refer them as a webhost.

Please, please don’t do the right thing and drop this, so you can actually move on with your life. Reply with some meaningless whining to give this $97 promo code some more exposure: [color=#CC0000]THEFULLDISCOUNT[/color].

I also find it funny that people think promo codes are a distraction or eye-sore in this forum, but don’t seem to see their own whiny posts as one–or referral links for that matter.

Last time I checked, promo codes take up a lot less space on this forum than the posts whining about them do. Not to mention, promo codes serve a purpose, whereas the whiny posts don’t.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with the 96DOLLARSOFF promo code.