Hey, this looks promising


Hey everyone, Newbie on the block here, In the past few days I’ve been checking out various host and such with no anvil god knows what moneys going to be coming out my account just due to testing different host exc,

Hoping its going to be a different here. I pretty much know what I’m doing when it comes to designing my own website, Playing around with databases and doing my own thing so guess this is just a quick hello and such.

The domain name i used does look abit dirty so Hopefully you guys will check my website before deleting it due to being porn related it has “hardcore” in but its bodybuilding as all the content will show rather then porn related.

Anyway hello and i look forward to building my web projects with you guys ;).


Dreamhost support does not necessarily always check here. I would ask support to check that your websites are within the TOS and Guidelines. Open a ticket via the panel.

If you want to review the rules ahead of time and do a self check, which i highly recommend:





jesus whats wrong with you? -.-


LakeRat was just being helpful. Your first post seems that you were concerned with the content of your website possibly causing it to be deleted so those links are very relevant to those concerns. So long as you follow the policy written in those 3 links you should be good to go with whatever you decide to do with your site.


What he said :wink:


I am messed up with the post. What the thread creator shared and what the replies say ? "BenBrah " wants to build up his website !