Hi i signed up to DH as an affiliate on the first week of March. I used my referral link and promo codes on this forum and also on another forum and got some clicks within these days. As i’m new on this usually i’m much curious about it.( I’m not an professional affiliate). I thought after the end of the month i’ll be able to see if i get any successful referral. But from the day i signed up and till now i just see i don’t have any successful referral “before march '05”. I’m not sure if i got any successful referral,but why the date isn’t updated? I can’t understand and very very hesited and disappointed :open_mouth: . I still didn’t get any hosting plan or any domain registration. Is that the reason? But as far as i know its not required to have any hosting plan for getting rewards. And what about my promo codes? Are they working rightly? If anyone sign up with my promo code and don’t get any discount or extra feature they’ll think me cheater :@ . Shame to me if so…

You mean you see in the report like this? :
X One-Time Direct Referrals: $97 each - $65 before Mar '05

It only say that you get $97 (minus discount) each referrals paid after Mar 2005 and you get $65 (minus discount) each referrals paid before Mar 2005.

So the list is up to date always.

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Thanks. I didn’t understand it. So i didn’t get any successful referral. So what? Its not a problem.

Promo codes for you:
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[color=#CC0000]FUN6[/color]=xtra 6 domain
[color=#CC0000]FUNIP[/color]=1 IP + $60 off
[color=#CC0000]FUN1D[/color]=double disk space

You may want to check your promo codes again in the web panel. Make sure that you have given the right discounts.

We can’t tell whether the codes are deactivated by support or not. If the promo codes are active in the web panel, you may to send a ticket.

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