Hep me!

Hey everyone,

My domain is registered here with dreamhost and I recieved their email telling me to get an FTP Program, which I did. I got WS_FTP95 LE downloaded. Except I can’t, for the life of me, get it to work. I told it my domain name and everytihng, but I can’t figure out how to get files onto my domain.

Can someone please help me? A tutorial or something… I’m just about ready to give up!

Also, once the files have been uploaded by the FTP, can you edit them from the control panel, or do you have to upload a new update or whatever everytime with FTP?

Thanks for any help!

First you have to make sure your domain has progragated through DNS on the Internet, or you won’t be able to connect at all. Once you can go to http://yourdomain.com, you should be able to FTP to ftp.yourdomain.com

I don’t use WS_FTP, but generally the only thing you need to specify is Host/server type, host, username and password to get an FTP client working. The Host/server type should be “UNIX compatible”. The host name should be your domain with “ftp.” in front, as in “ftp.yourdomain.com”. Once you are connected, you should be in your home directory, and in the remote file list, you should see a directory named after your domain name. You need to upload all your web-accessible files into that directory.

The only other problem you might have is transfering files if you are behind a firewall that doesn’t allow incoming FTP connections, you will need to switch to passive (PASV) mode.

Don’t forget to switch to BINARY when uploading images and other data files, and to ASCII for HTML, PHP, Perl and other text files.

Have you checked out DreamHost’s own Knowledge Base? Particularly the section on FTP at https://panel.dreamhost.com/kbase/index.cgi?area=23

First, try a public FTP site. After you get that working, try your DreamHost site.

There is a public RedHat Linux mirror at NOAA. For this public NOAA site, try:

  1. Start WS_FTP95 LE
  2. In the Session Properties dialog, click New
  3. For Profile Name, enter something like NOAA RedHat mirror. This is just a text description that you will remind of you of the purpose of the site.
  4. For Host Name, enter linux.nssl.noaa.gov
  5. For Host type, select Automatic Detect
  6. Check the “Anonymous” checkbox, which should fill in “anonymous” for the User ID
  7. For Password, it is common convention to enter your email address, although some systems don’t require it.
  8. Click OK

You should get a connection within about 10 seconds. If this doesn’t work, then you may have a firewall issue or some other problem that I probably won’t be able to help you with.

The following settings work for me when connecting to my DreamHost site:

  1. Start WS_FTP95 LE
  2. In the Session Properties dialog, click New
  3. Enter a Profile Name, maybe the main part of your domain name
  4. For the host name, enter www.yourdomainname.com, but with your actual domain name, of course. E.g., I use www.wombatnation.com
  5. For Host type, select Unix (standard)
  6. For User ID, enter the name of a user you created on the “Users” tab in the DreamHost web control panel
  7. For Password, enter the password you set up for that user (don’t confuse this with your NDN ID user and password, like I once did)
  8. On the startup tab, all edit boxes should be blank. You might want to set the time offset if you are not in the US Pacific timezone.
  9. On the advanced tab, stick with the defaults of 0 retries, 65 second timeout, and port 21.
  10. On the firewall tab, I leave all the boxes unchecked.
  11. Click OK