Helvetica at 11 px and Firefox

I’m a CSS novice and I’m having trouble displaying Helvetica at 11px in Firefox.

The issue seems to be that, when I make the text bold its width changes, and Firefox (works fine on IE and Safari) doesn’t seem to register that width change. Bold text then runs into text that follows it, and my a:hover background style does not cover the full link.

Anyone know of a fix for this?

See the site at http://www.interficio.net/

Can you post a secondary page with the stylesheet configuration that you’re talking about? I used the WebDeveloper extension in Firefox to change all Helvetica fonts to 11px, set font weight to bold for all hovers, and uncommented all the url backgrounds. Everything looked fine to me. Maybe the extension doesn’t work properly?


I cannot help you with a fix to this problem, but I do have a bit of advice.

It is worth bearing in mind that Helvetica is a poor choice of font for a website in the first place. It is not one of the fonts included with Windows-based PCs (Arial is the closest equivalent), and it has long been regarded as a font that, while excellent for print, it does not work well on the screen.

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Maybe it’s just a font issue on my machine or a Mac/PC thing. Unfortunately I have beigger fish to fry on this site so I’m going to have to let this bug exist for a while. Thanks for your help guys.