Hi, I’ve built a site that I’m happy with as a static site. (Alternative African Adventures) - it’s a travel agent site and is built using static pages in Wordpress. Most pages will stay as is over time, some I will tweak as I source new holidays. All this is OK.

The problem I have now is I want to add a new menu item at the top of the page (say called Special Offers) and I want this to have posts (I think). I will give my colleagues who are not techy access to create new posts and tag these with a certain category (e.g “Special Offers”). I then want the a new page, accessed via the top menu, to show these posts in a single page. Hope this makes sense?

So I have a new Page called “Special Offers”, and this shows the list of Posts that have been tagged as ‘Special Offers’.

As the rest of my site is built with Pages rather than Posts I’m struggling to understand how to do this.

Anyone able to help?


The two basic ways to do this:

  1. Have the guy make posts under the category of “Special Offers” and link your menu to /category/special-offers/

  2. Use Custom Post Types to have a “Special Offers” type.

Ha ha, that was almost too easy - thanks Ipstenu :slight_smile:

One other quick question - with Option 1, how do I get the category to use the same page template that I use for my home page (I’ve moved the menu about, different header image, text styles).

It should by default. The menus are controlled by the header, and the category should grab that.