I’m new to Wordpress and Dreamhost. I’ve registerd my domain through dreamhost but I cant seem to host the domain on Dreamhost. I go to ‘Add New Domin/sub-domain’ and it gives me options but not the right one. Does it take Dreamhost a few days to recognise a new domain?

I’m already at the pulling my hair out stage and I havent even started on the website yet!

Any help appreciated.


WHat option are you looking for? or what error message are you seeing?

You should be filling out the top ssection of the page titled “fully hosted”


Thanks for your reply LakeRat.

In Domains I go to /Upgrade to full hosting - Upgrading to our happy billing plan/manage accounts/View our hosting features/start your free trial/ sign up form (I’m already signed up so I cant do this) then I end up back at ‘Upgarde to full hosting’ where I started. I’m just going round and round in circles and its driving me nuts.

Any ideas?


if you can’t figure it out, contact support and let them help you. we are only customers here and can’t look at what you’re doing.