I would really like to speak to a PERSON who can help me walk through setting up my BLOG. Is that a possibility?

Realtime support is really expensive and not provided here, other than paid callbacks for troubleshooting. But you’ve got us forum users.

Do you have a domain registered that you can use? Do you have a hosting plan here? If so, then a One-Click installation of Wordpress will work for you.


You can add call-back service to your hosting plan and request a call back, or you can communicate with a PERSON via email if you want this PERSON to be a DreamHost technical support staff member.

Really setting up a BLOG is very simple, and if you are having problems, just ask your question(s) via email, either in a support request, or here, and you will likely get your answers very quickly! :slight_smile: .

–DreamHost Tech Support